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I am a British photographer living in Brooklyn, NY. My goal is to make high-quality fine art wedding photography accessible to as many couples as possible. Wedding photographers in New York City are so lucky to be blessed with such incredible and vibrant backdrops for the images they produce. I have many years of experience shooting weddings all over the world.

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My Philosophy

This is a Story About Brides and Grooms…
I believe that good wedding photography is about telling the story of the wedding day. The wedding photos are the pages of the story book. I employ a mixture of fine-art and documentary style photography. The grand shots of the happy couple are the ones that get most of the attention but the photos of interactions between friends and family members are the color to your wedding album.

Documentary style is all about capturing the emotion of a moment. The photographer is trying to visually describe the essence of an interaction in a single picture. There are wedding photographers who try to take as many pictures as possible in the hope that they will have capture special moments but the real key to this style is empathy and anticipation. My philosophy is definitely quality over quantity.

I also describe my style as fine art wedding photography because I love capturing the grandeur of the day. This is your big day! This is the one day where everything is about you and you will look your absolute best. I am a sucker for grand vistas and stylish black and white.

Wedding photography made simple

Wedding Photography Needs an Update.
Wedding photography shouldn’t be as complicated as some people try to make it. If you hire me, you are paying for my time. I won’t try to upsell you with expensive albums or prints to boost my profit. I guarantee that you will get every single presentable picture from your big day and all at high resolution. You can download, share and print to your heart’s content. I also work hard to provide you with your pictures in a timely manner. Most images are fully processed and delivered within 2 weeks from the wedding day.

I offer the following services to simplify the process:


  • Online Reservation
  • Online Payment
  • Online Gallery
  • Fast Digital Delivery
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